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Mugshot Removal: 11 Common Mugshot Removal Questions Answered

January 5, 2021 Arrest Records | information removal | Mugshot Removal | remove mugshot

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One or more publicly posted mugshots shouldn’t mean a life sentence online. Unfortunately, it’s a growing problem, as mugshot websites continue to pop up and share embarrassing arrest records with the internet. This is why mugshot removal is so important.

With growing concerns about these sites, and with more mugshots online than ever, online reputation experts get more questions than ever.

With years of experience and cutting-edge tools at our disposal, we’re proud to provide fast and confidential mugshot removal services to every client.

And to help you understand the process, here are 11 of the most commonl mugshot removal questions we get daily.

Can you erase your mugshot from the internet?

Absolutely! The good news is you can remove a mugshot from the internet. And with the right help, you can delete that image from search results too.

Why does my mugshot appear when I Google my name?

Old mugshots and arrest records from nearly any state you’ve been arrested in can be a sobering reminder of the past. Even when the court finds you innocent, old arrest information and images may continue showing up online. Sometimes it can take years to learn the information is there. 

Should I seal my arrest record?

Of course, you are free to seal your arrest records. Unfortunately, this will not automatically remove your mugshot and arrest details from websites already displaying that information.

While sealing your records is a good course of action, successfully removing online information and images takes additional steps.

Does an expungement delete a mugshot?

Unfortunately, no. While expungement is always advisable, failing to remove that image from third-party websites may mean it stays online forever.

Do I need a lawyer to remove my mugshot?

Depending on how you tackle image removal, a lawyer may be necessary. This also depends on where you are from or where the mugshot site is located.

But whatever the case, our removal team is here to help. Our experts utilize the latest in removal technology and methods to remove your mugshot fast.

Should I pay to erase my mugshot from the internet?

Paying a website to remove a mugshot is almost always inadvisable. Rather than pay ransom to unscrupulous website owners, it’s better to reach out for professional help.

Did you know: many mugshot site owners control more than one website? This means an individual may find themselves paying for removal after removal, with no end in sight.

Instead of handing over money to questionable characters, consider this instead:

Reach out to today. We understand the removal process and can remove your mugshot as quickly as possible.

Are mugshot removal websites reliable?

For the most part, yes. Where third-party mugshot websites are in the business of posting and selling mugshots online, removal specialists do the opposite. A trusted removal team knows the damage mugshots can do and tackles fast.

It is crucial to carefully check any mugshot removal website’s credentials. At, we have years of experience in successful mugshot removal, as reflected in our unmatched track record with past clients.

How long does it take for mugshots to appear online?

Incredibly, the time between your arrest and the mugshot appearing online is sometimes less than 12 hours. Mugshots and arrest details can appear online as quickly as the website commits to posting that information.

But here’s the kicker: Although your mugshot can appear online almost instantly, it’ll rarely disappear, even after the court dismissed the charges.

Instead, your mugshot might remain online for years, showing up every time anyone searches your name.

Considering the speed with which your mugshot appears online, it’s important to address the problem fast.

Luckily, our team for help safeguard your reputation and remove that image before it does serious damage.

How do I remove my mugshot from

With any website, there are certain ways to remove your mugshot. And in the case of, you need experts who know how to tackle unwanted images and remove unflattering records before it’s too late.

Our seaonsed removal experts are on hand to tackle your mugshot and arrest record listings before they hurt your reputation for good.

What’s the best solution for mugshot removal?

Reaching out to mugshot removal specialists should always be your first line of defense. At, we’re proud to offer free removal analysis to anyone needing that embarrassing image gone quickly

And after your free analysis, we help you take the best course of action for their situation.

What’s the best mugshot removal service?

With years of experience,’s expert analysts, software gurus and legal professionals employ proven methods to deliver results that are second-to-none.

We deliver positive results fast, and we support each removal with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In fact, we complete most mugshot removals as little as 72 hours.

For a no-obligation analysis or to discuss any mugshot removal concerns in more detail, you call or email our team seven days a week.

To start your removal, contact our experts today.

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