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Removing Georgia Inmate Mugshots: What You Need to Know

March 2, 2021 Arrest Records | information removal | Mugshot Removal | online privacy | remove mugshot

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Learn about Georgia inmate mugshots and how you can get them removed effectively with our guide below. 

The worst happens: you’ve been arrested.

And while you’re stressed about dealing with court fees, dates and charges, it may be even tougher knowing your Georgia inmate mugshots are now available to anyone searching you online.

It’s easy enough to look up mugshots online in the state of Georgia. Sadly, many businesses also profit from publicizing mugshots, hoping the person in the photo will pay a costly fee to take the photo down.

Many sites make it tough to actually remove the mugshot photo and arrest record. And people who want their mugshots removed must jump through hoops and pay several fees.

What’s more…

Unfortunately, this isn’t a one-and-done process. Mugshots often appear on multiple sites, and people end up paying the same fees repeatedly. It also means going through the same costly, time-consuming processes for multiple mugshot removals.

Learning how long  mugshots stay online and how to delete them isn’t just tedious; it can also be highly stressful. Having a mugshot online can make it hard to find a job or participate in social situations. And the longer it’s up, the harder it is to remove.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go through life always worried that someone found your mugshot. Whether you committed the crime or not, you shouldn’t have to live your life in fear. There are ways to remove your mugshot, police records, inmate records, arrest records and get on with your life, no matter what’s in your past.

How Can a Public Mugshot Affect Your Life?

After your arrest, you moved on with your life. But that doesn’t mean everyone else will do the same. There are many ways a mugshot can affect your life, including:

Employment struggles

Even if you weren’t convicted after your arrest, having a mugshot online can still affect future employment. Most businesses search potential new employees online before offering the job. Seeing that you were arrested, even if you didn’t commit a crime, can create worry that you’ll tarnish the company image.

This also begs the question: should you be upfront about your past or hope the company doesn’t find your Georgia inmate mugshots?

Relationship problems

We’ve all been there: before going on a date or meeting a new friend, you want to do a little research. But having a Georgia arrest record online can make it nearly impossible to succeed in social situations with new friends or romantic prospects.

Even if you didn’t commit the crime, or you paid your dues to society, it can be hard to convince others you’re trustworthy and safe.

Problems renting an apartment

Landlords want to rent to reliable tenants. And many states allow landlords to reject applicants based on criminal history. If you have Georgia inmate mugshots on the web, it’s likely a landlord will see the mugshot when searching your name on the web.

In many states, it’s illegal to deny someone a lease due to an arrest (without a conviction). Still, it may be tough to form a positive impression of you after viewing your mugshot online.

Issues getting a loan

Lenders may not discriminate against potential borrowers for many reasons, including gender, race, and religion. But lenders may refuse a loan based on criminal history. In fact, some lenders run a full background check before approving a loan, while others simply search the internet for personal information.

And if the first thing a lender sees in search results is your mugshot, odds are good they’ll deny your loan application.

Removing Georgia Inmate Mugshots: Two Options

When you’re ready to remove your Georgia inmate mugshots, you have a few options: 1. You can do the mugshot removal process yourself, or 2. You can work with a mugshot removal specialist.

1. Remove Georgia Inmate Mugshots Yourself

States like Georgia prohibit third-parties from charging people to remove mugshots. Georgia law states that mugshot companies must remove mugshots within 30 days of the removal request.

If you decide to remove your Georgia inmate mugshots on your own, you must first identify each site hosting your mugshot.

This can be difficult. Mugshot sites are extremely lucrative, and new sites pop up regularly. It’s a good idea to search your mugshot each day to stay ahead of the game.

After identifying each mugshot, write a letter to each webmaster requesting removal. Be sure to keep copies of each letter. Also, you may want to reach out to site owners to explain the situation. Sometimes, this is enough to remove your photo. But more often than not, it takes more than a letter to be suucessful.

And then there’s expungement

Another option is to go through the legal process of getting your case expunged or sealed. While this process can be time-consuming and expensive, it can render your Georgia inmate mugshots irrelevant.

In order to get your case sealed or expunged, you’ll likely need to work with an attorney to petition the court. After your record has been expunged or sealed, send a copy of the paperwork to the website that has published your mugshot.

No matter what route you choose to go to begin the process of having your mugshot removed from the internet, you may need to work with a lawyer to help the process go smoothly. Often, companies respond far more quickly to requests from lawyers than requests from people asking that their mugshots be removed.

2. Work With A Professional Company For Mugshot Removal

A simpler option is to work with a company that can take care of the removal process for you. A company that works specifically to remove Georgia inmate mugshots can take care of all the steps listed above, allowing you to go on with your life while you have a team working tirelessly to keep your reputation clean.

When you work with a professional mugshot removal company, you won’t have to worry that you missed something, or that a company won’t respond to your request to take a mugshot down. The company will take care of this for you.

Companies that work to professionally remove mugshots often have relationships with the entities that post mugshots online, creating a faster, smoother process than if you were to try to reach out to these companies on your own.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve been arrested and your mugshot has been posted online, your life isn’t over. It can feel daunting to take on the task of refurbishing your reputation, but you don’t have to go it alone.

Our takeaways on what you need to know when it comes to getting your Georgia inmate mugshots removed:

  • Keep your eye on the prize. Know why it’s so important that you clear up your reputation. From relationships to loans to renting a property, you don’t want someone’s first impression of you to be your mugshot.
  • Posting mugshots online is a business. Companies that post pictures make money both from ad revenue and from people who are willing to pay to have their mugshot taken down. In Georgia, it’s illegal for companies to ask for money to take down your mugshot, so it’s important that you don’t give in to requests to pay to have your mugshot removed.
  • Sometimes, you can remove mugshots on your own. This may include writing to companies directly, work to expunge your record, or hire a lawyer to reach out to companies on your behalf.
  • You can also work with a company specializing in Georgia inmate mugshots removal. This can give you peace of mind that your reputation is handled by professionals.

Need Your Georgia Mugshot Removed? We Can Help.

If you’ve been arrested, and you have a Georgia inmates mugshot floating around the internet, you’re not alone. Your past doesn’t define you, and you shouldn’t have to live in fear that an employer or social acquaintance will come across your mugshot while browsing the web.

We’re here to help.

At RemoveMugshots, we know how important it is for you to get your mugshot removed from the internet so that you’re able to move forward with your life. It can be tough to stay on top of all the websites publicizing your mugshot, and we can help track them down and get them removed. We also offer a free Georgia Mugshot search, if we can’t remove the records successfully.

Contact us to start the Georgia inmate mugshots removal process today.

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