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Removing Mugshots From Google Images? Here’s What To Know

April 8, 2021 Arrest Records | information removal | Mugshot Removal | online privacy | remove mugshot

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Whether you have a long criminal record or just went through one night of trouble, you know how frustrating a mugshot can be when it shows up online.

Mugshot images can appear when you least expect them and threaten to spoil your reputation. It’s even worse if you’re not aware of the mugshot online and someone else has to show you. That’ll be embarrassing.

The first thing many employers, landlords, and others do when researching your background is to search your name online. And when the first thing popping us is a mugshot, it can be tough to move forward with a loan, apartment, job, and more.

Some people even find that their mugshot online affects their social life, as new friends and romantic partners find that image and look at them differently.

Luckily, there is good news: if your mugshot is online, you’re not alone. And it’s likely that you can get it removed. How to remove your mugshot from Google? This is an issue many people have but don’t fret. Our Mugshot removal service is here to guide you through this phase. Many people wonder about how to remove the mugshot from Google or will Google remove the mugshots. See the answers to your problems below.

We look at several ways to take your mugshot down and restore your reputation.

How To Remove Mugshots From Google Images

First, it’s important to note that Google images pulls photos from other areas of the web. These images are not the product of Google itself.

To remove your mugshot from Google images, start by contacting the owner of the site that posted your photo. For many, this is the toughest part of the process.

Nearly all sites that post mugshots are private entities. This means that webmasters can stay as private or public as they want. And their contact information may be difficult to find.

In the event you’re able to locate that contact info, your request is left to their discretion. They can choose whether to or not to comply with your request. Some webmasters won’t respond until you threaten them with legal action.

Many states have laws on mugshot websites. In some states, it’s illegal for webmasters to ask for money in exchange for mugshot removal. In others, mugshots can only stay up for a certain period before removal must happen.

And some states don’t force sites to remove mugshots unless a court expunged the record itself.

In addition to a written request, expunging your criminal record can sometimes make it easier to move the process along. Expungement may kickstart the process of removing mugshots from Google images.

How Expungement Can Help With Removing Mugshots From Google Images

While you can’t completely erase your criminal record, expungement or sealing records can be a good way to clean up your criminal history. It can also go a long way in removing mugshots from Google images.

When you expunge your record, your criminal history will no longer be available to the public. And, it won’t show up in background checks.

  • For most misdemeanors, you need to wait at least a year before asking a judge to expunge your record.
  • If you committed a felony, you need to wait at least three years to ask a judge for expungement.
  • And if you apply to a job related to the crime, your record may be seen by employers in that field.

Providing a webmaster a copy of your expungement may force them to take your mugshot down, thereby removing mugshots from Google images. After you expunge your record, it’s a good idea to work with a professional to begin the process of removing mugshots from Google images.

Sometimes, receiving a letter from a business specializing in mugshot removal results in faster than a written request from an individual.

Can You Go Through The Process Of Mugshot Removal On Your Own?

While you may attempt removing mugshots from Google images on your own, it’s a better idea to work with a professional. The right mugshot removal business knows the removal process and how to speed things up to your advantage.

When you work with a professional for mugshot removal, you get someone who can monitor for future mugshots that pop up on Google images.

Unfortunately, going it alone can be trying and time-consuming. But hiring a mugshot removal company ensures your mugshot stays buried — for good.

Struggling With Mugshot Removal? We’ve Got You Covered

If you’re unsure about removing mugshots from Google images, you’re not alone. There’s no reason your past should determine your future. And the last thing you need is for people to come across that image when researching you online.

We can help. We have years of experience with removing mugshots from Google images, and we know how to quickly and effectively help you get your reputation back on track. Learn how we can take the mugshot removal process off your hands.

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