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How to Remove Mugshot From Internet Without Spending A Fortune

January 5, 2021 Arrest Records | information removal | Mugshot Removal | remove mugshot

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A mugshot can mean anything. It can be an unfortunate snapshot of a particular period in a person’s long, personal journey. Or, it can be an even more unfortunate, a misleading record that implies guilt even after police dropped the charges. That is why how to remove mugshot from internet is so important.

Now more than ever, people are quick to make snap judgments. And from employers to loved ones, people are likelier to find embarrassing information online and use it against you.

Add in an online mugshot? Well, that’s game over.

Fortunately, services are now available to protect people from these damaging images and remove mugshot from internet searches for good.

That service is

At Remove Mugshots, we provide fast, affordable internet mugshot removal solutions that put you on the right track.

But before you learn about our customized service plan, check out the options for removing your mugshot from the internet on your own:

Expunging Past History

If you’re willing to put in the time, you may try to remove mugshot from internet searches by expunging your record. In order to successfully expunge your record, you must file a request with the court. This makes the records unavailable through public records databases.

If successful, you can send the order of expungement to the mugshot website. In some cases, this may be enough to remove it. But, there are no guarantees. 

Unfortunately, expungements refer to official government agency records only. And the laws surrounding third-party use are somewhat unclear, sometimes making it harder to remove those images from private websites.

Unfortunately, the rules AREN’T in your favor

Currently, there are no rules about if or when a website must remove mugshot from the internet. Regardless of the outcome of your case, sites aren’t obligated to update or remove images that were once a part of the public record. 

Under the law, expungement is typically only a remedy for minor offenses (nonviolent, drug possession, etc.). And courts will usually only expunge or seal your records after certain conditions have been met.

But while expungement doesn’t necessarily guarantee you can remove mugshot from internet sites, it can improve your chances.

Hire a Lawyer…At Your Own Risk

Often, hiring a lawyer seems like your first line of defense, even though it’s not without its share of costs and complications.

Hiring a lawyer can be extremely expensive and can cause matters to drag out. And inconsistent legal statutes provide most mugshot websites considerable leeway when it comes to refusing to remove your mugshot from the internet.

Yet, a seasoned reputation restoration attorney has knowledge of relevant statutes and relationships with the local court system. These, combined with proven removal tactics like demand letters, can help remove mugshots.

These letters typically threaten litigation, which can sometimes be enough to persuade a webmaster to remove mugshot from internet sites. They can also be the most powerful tool in your removal arsenal.

But again, there are no legal guarantees, and this can be an expensive gamble, particularly when it doesn’t work.

Contacting Individual Webmasters

Can’t afford a lawyer?

Another way to remove your mugshot is to directly contact the webmaster yourself. In some cases, the webmaster will respond positively to simple, polite requests, particularly those with court docs and arrest reports.

This same goes for cases where the court expunged your criminal records, which often speeds up the process.

Many mugshot websites have portals for uploading documents. This can make requests to remove mugshot from internet locations fairly easy. However, a notable, long-term disadvantage to this is that while the webmaster may remove the mugshot, it is still only taken off one website.

Once a mugshot is online, there is no telling who or whom may find it and post it. 

Take it to the Top

Want to go higher than an individual webmaster? How about contacting the big boys themselves?

Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the primary gatekeepers of most information online. Given that these companies are in this position, this method is likely the most intimidating to remove mugshot from the internet.

Yet, going directly to the source can often be highly effective. If there are legal grounds for the request, Google and others may remove the search results. They may also remove potentially harmful personal information unrelated to online mugshots.

However, once information is public, search engines often give some pushback on removing it.

Social Media Can Be Your Friend

If hiring a lawyer is unrealistic, or expungement doesn’t work, you may consider another remove mugshot from internet sites method: changing search engine results.

Posting content on sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more provides Google more assets to crawl and rank.

And by doing so, your mugshot may eventually slip off of search and out of sight.

But do you really want to go through all of that work? at Your Service

If you’re struggling to remove a mugshot, it’s OK to seek help.

Removing a mugshot on your own takes time. And what’s worse, there is no guarantee your efforts will work. was created to help citizens rest easy knowing that their mugshot and/or criminal record can be removed from mugshot databases and search engine results.

We offer enhanced mugshot removal tools to clear mugshots from the web, taking the stress out of the process.

Over the last decade, we have helped thousands remove mugshots and get the results they deserve.

Want to learn more? Contact our Removal Team today.

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