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Remove Arrest Record:The Most FAQs – We Have All the Answers

April 2, 2018 Arrest Records

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Questions, doubts, and uncertainty are always present in the minds of those who have searched “remove arrest record” on Google, dubiousness about how these cases can affect their lives later on. Most importantly, they want to know how to proceed when records need to be clear, to learn more about the private side of this issue and what are the solutions available for a better outcome. Here, we share all the frequent interrogatives.



People Are Asking the Following Questions When They Search for Remove Arrest Record, These are the Answers:


  1. Q) All cases are eligible for clearance?
  2. A) No, some arrests cannot be cleared. Some of them range from sex-related crimes to driver license suspensions. The list goes on.


  1. Q) I was convicted, but I won. What happens next?
  2. A) When you win an appeal and meet all the requirements, you can have your arrest record cleared from your background check.


  1. Q) I have a clear record now, do I have the right to keep my arrest in private?
  2. A) Yes, unless you are in a criminal proceeding under oath. There you can completely express that the arrest was cleared.


  1. Q) How to prove my record was cleared?
  2. A) When the court approves your petition to remove your arrest record, the responsible authorities are ordered to erase the event from your background check.


  1. Q) In order to clear my record, do I have to go to court?
  2. A) Absolutely, a judge needs to decide on your case. One detail that is very important to know is that all the people that is listed on your petition must have to go to the hearing.


  1. Q) How much time is needed for a hearing to take place?
  2. A) 30 days (at least) after filing the petition. The court has the responsibility to notify the exact date, time and location of your hearing.


  1. Q) How is the process of asking the court to clear my record?

       2. A)

  • You’ll need to fill a form called Petition to Clear Record.
  • Sign in the form with the company of a notary, take copies out of it.
  • Submit a record of your fingerprints.
  • In the same county you were arrested, file the petition with the fingertips data mentioned above.
  • Go to the court hearing.


Most importantly, How Can I Remove Arrest Record From the Web?


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