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How to Get Mugshot Removed From the Internet

January 5, 2021 Arrest Records | information removal | Mugshot Removal | online privacy | remove mugshot

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In the internet age, nothing is off-limits. Personal privacy is a relic of a time gone by. And intimate details about any private citizen can show up online at the drop of a hat.

That’s why how to get mugshot removed is so important.

These days, criminal records is a business. And business is booming. Companies all over the world now profit from posting negative personal information online, charging victims to remove negative information. 

Having a mugshot appear online can be devastating in a variety of ways, particularly for employment prospects and your relationships.

But the most harmful effect it can have is creating a false perception.

Not everyone with a mugshot is guilty of a crime. And citizens shouldn’t have to go bankrupt to achieve peace of mind.

Thankfully, there are now ways for how to get mugshot removed from the internet. And these allow people to rest easy knowing their mugshot and criminal records are gone from mugshot databases and search results. 

This can be a daunting process. Once mugshots are uploaded to a database, there is no limit on how many websites can publish the photos. But as the old adage goes, the juice is worth the squeeze.

Some of these are more costly than others. But it is critical to understand all available options when you are determining how to get mugshot removed from the web.

Contacting Individual Webmasters

The most obvious method for individuals looking to have their mugshot removed from the internet is contacting the webmasters directly. Politeness goes a long way. And unless the website itself is a scam, in many cases, the webmaster will often comply with a simple request.

If you sealed or expunged the case, you are in even better shape. Obtaining a court order sealing the case file, including mugshots, and presenting it to the site should ensure removal.

And with the not in public view, it is difficult for anyone to follow up and confirm the arrest.

Many mugshot websites have a contact page to send documents, which makes these kinds of requests fairly easy. The downside is that while they may remove the mugshot, it is still only taken off of that page.

Contact Google/Search Engines

Given that Google is so powerful, this method may be the most intimidating. Yet, since Google is the resource people rely on for any and all information, going directly to the source may be highly effective.

If there are legal grounds to request removal, Google will remove search results. Additionally, it may remove potentially harmful personal information that poses certain risks. But once information is public and out in the open, Google tends to push back on removing it.

Expunge Your Record

Another viable option likely to get results is to expunge the criminal record. However, this process can be quite difficult. Expunging a criminal record means you must make court filings to seal prior convictions. In turn, this makes the records unavailable through government databases.

If you are successful, you can send the order of expungement to the site posting your mugshot. 

The expungement process requires that the case falls within expungement law. This generally includes minor offenses. Courts usually grant expungement after certain conditions are met.

While expungement doesn’t guarantee mugshot removal, sending proof of expungement generally increases the chance they will remove it.

Get a Lawyer

This option can be the most expensive. But often, it is fairly effective. While politeness and document presentation work for some, varying legal statutes across states give mugshot sites a lot of room to post records online. And attorneys are often the only ones that can break through the noise.

By hiring a lawyer, citizens can approach websites with muscle, such as in the form of actions like “demand letters.” These letters typically threaten lawsuits, and the threat of costly litigation is usually enough to change a webmaster’s mind.

There are lawyers that specialize in content removal and reputation repair. So, if you are uneasy about negotiations, hiring a legal representative can often be a comfort.

Flood The Stream

This method is definitely the “wild card.” But in the age of social media, its practical application can often be effective. If you can’t hire a lawyer, expunge a record or can’t get a response from webmasters, you can always flood Google with extra content.

This means posting photos on various social networks, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, even YouTube. When you do so, caption each photo the exact way your name appears on your mugshot. In theory, the search result containing your mugshot will fall to the back of the line.

This can also be done with frequent WordPress posts that include photos with the same caption. It is definitely the “long game,” but if you are consistent about this for several months, it should work.

Hire a Mugshot Removal Service –

At the end of the day, removing a mugshot requires a great deal of time and effort. And as we’ve shown, some of these actions can take months to work.

That’s why offers enhanced mugshot removal tools to clear online records of mugshots and arrest reports from the internet.

Additionally, we can remove search engine results on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more.

Led by a sophisticated team of developers and software experts, continues to innovate mugshot removal techniques through updates of the latest software, assisting thousands of customers across the globe and providing assurance that their efforts are secure.

With a sympathetic understanding of potential financial and personal circumstances, employs a flexible cost model to accommodate individual needs. Offers can depend on how many arrests are present on the record, how many websites have published a mugshot, and which websites are publishing the mugshot. offers free cost estimates upon request. Call 844-935-1118 or email [email protected] and reclaim your life.

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