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How to Remove Arrest Record From Internet Without Spending A Fortune

January 5, 2021 Arrest Records

Would you like to avoid the embarrassment of future employers, teachers, landlords, colleagues, and others finding your arrest records online? If so, know that it is possible to remove your arrest record from internet for good.

We provide answers to frequently asked questions about how it works and how to clear your name online.

Why is my arrest record online in the first place?

Mugshots and arrest records are a matter of public record. That means any website can put up this personal information without your knowledge or consent. There are several types of websites that would list this information:

  • Mugshot and arrest record websites make money ruining people’s lives. These sites post mugshots and arrest records and then charge individuals high fees to have the information removed. 
  • News outlets may publish information about your arrest if they feel the event is newsworthy. 
  • Municipal police departments may run websites listing arrest records together with an individual’s mugshot. Agencies list this information for informational purposes only. Law enforcement agencies do not make money off your information.

How do I remove arrest records from Google?

You can either attempt to remove records from Google on your own or hire a company such as to do the work for you. If you attempt to go it alone, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Do a Google search for “[your name] arrest records”. List all the sites that have published your arrest records and/or mugshots. You’ll also need to find contact information for each one of these sites.
  • Contact each site that has published your information and ask to take it down. In many states, it is illegal for mugshot and arrest record websites to charge a fee for arrest record removal. These sites have to remove your information upon request; if they fail to do so, you can take them to court and recover damages. Sadly, not all states have laws that make it hard for arrest record/mugshot websites to turn a profit on your misfortune. However, many of these sites will still remove your records if the police drop the charge, the court finds you innocent or you expunged your record.
  • Provide paperwork proving your assertions and your criminal records will typically be removed in short order. This same point holds true for news organizations that have published the record of your arrest. Honest news agencies will either take down the old story or provide additional information to show that you were innocent of the accusations against you.

How long does it take to remove arrest record from internet?

It’s impossible to say just how long it will take to remove your arrest records from the internet. A lot depends on the when, where, why, and how of your arrest. Attempting to have records removed on your own typically takes longer than hiring a professional to do the job for you. Even so, time estimates for record removal vary depending on which agency you work with. Some ask for as long as ninety days while others promise results in a mere 72 hours. 

Can I remove my records from every site they’re on?

Professional agencies that specialize in removing arrest records from the internet can often remove your records from every single site they are on. However, this isn’t always the case. Once again, it depends on the nature of your arrest and the accusations against you. At, we do a thorough search for your arrest records online and provide you with a free analysis of where we found your records and how long it will take for us to remove your records from the sites in question.

Our team can remove many records considered by others to be impossible to remove, boosting the odds your records will disappear from Google search results.

Is arrest record removal permanent, or can records resurface on the internet?

Unfortunately, arrest records can resurface. They’re unlikely to reappear on arrest record/mugshot or law enforcement websites if police dropped the charges or you expunged your record. However, they can come up in old news stories, or wind up listed on new arrest record websites. If you face arrest after removing your records from the internet, your new records will most likely show up on arrest record/mugshot and law enforcement websites. 

Is record removal the same as suppression?

Arrest record removal is not the same as arrest record suppression. Removal takes down your information from the internet, which means that potential employers, colleagues, teachers, financial institutions, landlords and others won’t be able to find a record of your arrest online. Arrest records suppression means your records are still online but you’ve made them hard to find by publishing positive information about yourself on the internet.

Arrest record suppression doesn’t make it impossible for people to find your records online. However, it does lower the odds that someone will discover this information without careful research. What’s more, building a positive reputation for yourself online is a very effective way to find a new job or start your own business. Not only does it enable potential customers and employers to get to know you and come to trust you. It also shows that you care about your career and professional life.

Additionally, it also enables you to network with likeminded individuals online and learn more about your current or future career.

Need help removing arrest records?

If so, we can help. Start by filling out the contact form on our website. Someone will then get back to you in under 24 hours to offer a comprehensive, free analysis of your online presence.

If you choose to work with us, our team will remove your records in seven days or less. It’s that simple.

Are you ready to wipe the slate clean and start afresh? If so, get in touch with us at your convenience. Contact us today to learn more.

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