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Oregon Mugshot Removal: How To Make It Happen

May 14, 2021 Arrest Records | Mugshot Removal | remove mugshot | Uncategorized

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Have you ever been arrested for a crime in Oregon? Have you ever tried Oregon mugshot removal on your own?

If you have ever been arrested and booked into custody in Oregon, some law enforcement officer took your mugshot. Your mugshot didn’t stay there.

Even if your charges were dropped, you were found not guilty or you paid your fine and did your time, chances are good your mugshot is online.

Having your mugshot online, as anyone who has their mugshot online already knows, can ruin your life.

When you apply for a job, prospective employers will find your mugshot. When you apply for a loan, prospective lenders will Oregon mugshot removal, you can have major issues in your love life. Major issues with your friends. Major issues with family members.

It’s bad enough that Google will index your Oregon mugshot. It’s even worse that online gossip sites like, and over 75 more will post your mugshots, too. These websites will try to extort you for money to get your mugshot taken down.

By the time some website is publishing your photo in their scandal sheet, it’s already out there. It’s already doing you harm. So, what can you do?

Do-It-Yourself Oregon Mugshot Removal

If your mugshot from your arrest in Oregon is what people see first when they Google your name, chances are that you have some questions:

  • What do I have to do to get my mugshot off the Internet?
  • Will Google take my mugshot down?
  • Is there a free Oregon mugshot removal service?
  • Is there a cheap Oregon mugshot removal service?

Getting Google to remove your Oregon mugshot

Let’s start with what can be done to get Google to take your mugshot down.

Google isn’t totally unsympathetic to innocent people who have their mugshots online.

If you can show that your arrest was expunged, they may take your photo out of search results. That means, when someone types in your name to do a Google searcy, your mugshot won’t show up.

What does it take to show that your arrest or your conviction was expunged?

First, you will have to file a petition with the court where your trial was held, or where your trial would have been held if the charges hadn’t been dropped.

Your petition has to be addressed in the right court. It can’t just say “I’m innocent, and you know it.” You need to use highly respectful language (without overdoing it). You need to ask the court to expunge your record.

Then you will need to get statements from the department that arrested you. They will attest that you weren’t charged. Or you need to get the DA to provide a statement that your charges were dismissed. Or you will need to get a copy of your not guilty verdict,

Then you need to file all this paperwork with the court and wait for a hearing. The judge will consider your request for expunction. (In Oregon, this kind of order is known as expunction, not expungement.)

If the judge grants your request, then you need to file a copy of that ruling with the right clerk. Then you need to send a copy of the clerk’s receipt to Google with a polite request that they take down your photo,

There is another way to deal with Google.

Moving your mugshot photo from the first page of Google results

Another way of dealing with your mugshot on Google is to push it down the list of search results.

This way your Oregon mugshot appears on the second or third or fourth page of search results. You can hope people don’t look that far.

The way to do this is to post lots of favorable photos of yourself on lots of websites. You’ll need an image tag with each photo that has your name spelled exactly the same way as it is with your mugshot photo.

Google’s search algorithm treats personal photos as more important than mugshot photos. They will display your personal photos first. Eventually. The process can take several months.

It can also help to publish your real photo under your real name, spelled the same way as on your mugshot, on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, and other social media sites. Google indexes them, too.

This method doesn’t cost anything, but it takes time. And it doesn’t get rid of your photo for good.

Paying ransom to doesn’t work.

Paying a hefty fee to will get your mugshot off their site, but it won’t do anything about Google.

There’s a special rule in Oregon about DUI mugshots

Oregon Laws 2013,Cch 330, § 1 has a special rule for DUI mugshots. If you have an order of expunction from a court for an Oregon DUI, and you filed it with the right clerk, then you can file a request with an online site with your mugshot, and they have to remove it.

There’s just one problem with this law.

If you were arrested and then not charged because of a diversion program, you don’t have a right to have your mugshot taken down.

In other words, if you had a DUI, and then you got your act together and didn’t do it again, too bad, your mugshot will haunt you.

You also don’t have rights to get your mugshot taken down if you were arrested and the DA just never decided to take you to court.

Lawyers can help you navigate the complexities of Oregon law. Lawyers, of course, cost hundreds of dollars per hour.

We can help with Oregon mugshot removal

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